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President's Report

From the President’s Desk……  
President Brian Noonan
                                        Brian Noonan         

I am sitting here on the evening of April 6 thinking about the past and upcoming months and happened to see snowflakes falling outside. Michigan has always been a state of unique weather events and this snowy evening, on the eve of the Tiger’s opening day, is no exception.  Is this a good luck sign for the upcoming baseball season?  We shall see.

We had a great month in March with two wonderful lunchtime presentations. Kieran Donohue, with Critical Room Controls, presented a very compelling discussion on the different types of control air valves and the attributes associated with each.  He also broached the topics of room pressure control.  We wish Kieran could have continued as he had a wealth of knowledge and a significant amount of content. 

We were also very fortunate to have Tim Wentz, our ASHRAE Society President, present on Adapting Today to Shape Tomorrow. Tim spent a good deal of time speaking on technology and how the innovation within the market is continually advancing and that we must embrace the changes.  On topic with change, Tim outlines many of the changes taking place within ASHRAE and several of the new initiatives that have been rolled out.  There are many exciting features that are now available on the ASHRAE website including a learning portal available to all active members.  Tim held an open discussion with the Detroit Chapter membership for the second half of the meeting and answered several questions ranging from STEM to the new refrigerants being studied.

There are many exciting events happening this month. ASHRAE will be hosting a free Webcast on April 20, 2017 titled “Take Control:  Using Analytics to Drive Building Performance”.   We encourage everyone to organize and meet to watch and discuss the content of this presentation. 

We will also have our April meeting, which will nominate new members of our board, recognize the past presidents of Detroit ASHRAE, and celebrate our chapter history. Michigan Air Products has graciously sponsored this meeting.  Stephanie Taylor, President and Founder of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, will speak on the importance of humidifying for health.  Jerry O’Neil, with Nortec, will also discuss ASHRAE Standard 170-2013.

There has been excitement building in our YEA group. Ryan Jankowski has done a tremendous job of organizing these events.  We had a very successful YEA event in February at the Detroit Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck.   Ryan has also scheduled another event on April 27 at the Breakout Room in Warren, MI.  Please look for information on our Detroit ASHRAE website.  This event is open to everyone and we encourage all members to invite younger members to attend these events to network, learn about ASHRAE, and have some fun. 

The continued vitality of our ASHRAE chapter is in our ability to bring the next generation into our ASHRAE chapter. Doug Giroux and Cecily Sparks have championed the use of our ASHRAE Opportunity Funds to host events at LTU and Detroit Mercy building interest in ASHRAE at the University level.  Doug and Cecily have contributed a significant amount of their time to this effort.  Their work this year will have a positive impact on the Detroit ASHRAE Chapter for years to come.

I appreciate all of your support this year and look forward to the next two months.

Your Detroit ASHRAE President,

Brian Noonan



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Next Meeting Update

Detroit ASHRAE Past Presidents and History Night
Tuesday April 18, 2017
5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Detroit Athletic Club
241 Madison St.
Detroit, MI 48226
5:00pm - 6:00pm Techincal Session - Kahn Room (7th Floor)
6:00pm - 6:45pm Social - Pontchartrain Room (2nd Floor)
6:45pm - 8:00pm Dinner and Program - Pontchartrain Room (2nd Floor)
$0.00 Member
$0.00 Student
$0.00 Guest
***Sponsored by Michigan Air Products (MAP)***
*No denim (jeans) allowed in the DAC.  Please park in the parking deck and inform the attendant that you attending the ASHRAE meeting.  Parking costs will be paid by Michigan Air Products.  Please arrive early as the technical session will begin promtly at 5:00pm.
Techincal Session - Humidify for Health

presented by Dr. Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M Arch, CIC, RSPH (UK), CBE

This technical session has been approved for (1) Professional Development Hour (PDH) for use in maintaining PE Registration or LEED accreditation. If PDH certificate is desired, please indicate such online at time of registration.

Dr. Stephanie H. Taylor MD, M. Arch, CIC, President and Founder of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc. is an accomplished doctor with extensive training.  Dr. Taylor graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1984, and subsequently trained in and practiced Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Family Practice. When her interests and concerns about patient well-being expanded to the include the problems of antibiotic resistance in bacteria and infections obtained during in-patient treatment, she obtained her Masters in Architecture degree from Norwich University followed by several Infection Prevention certifications.  Her lifelong commitment to patient care includes focusing on improving the healthcare physical environment and clinical work processes to help patients heal quickly and save hospitals valuable dollars. Through generous guidance and business mentoring from ASHRAE member Howard McKew, PE, CPE she is now the Founder and President of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc., Physician-Led Consulting.  Her company helps hospitals reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections through third party, confidential consulting. Her work involves hospitals within the United States as well as in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Africa. Dr. Taylor joined ASHRAE in 2012.

 Dr. Taylor will explore in depth the results of her research associated with Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) and the direct correlation to humidity levels within the occupied spaces.


Dinner Meeting

Mr. Jerry O'Neill has been employed by Nortec in various engineering and sales capacities for over fifteen years. During this time at Nortec, Jerry has been responsible for Isothermal and Adiabatic sales throughout Canada and the United States.

Jerry will discuss briefly the recently released ASHRAE Standard 170-2013 Addendum M and its resultant effect on health care facilities as it pertains to proper humidification. Jerry will also discuss energy efficiency in humidification – selecting the proper humidification technology for the application.  Jerry’s discussion will focus on the newer category of Adiabatic humidification products that can save customers money in energy costs while supplying the right product at the right price.


Dr. Stephanie Taylor will also be available during the dinner presentation should there be any additional questions regarding her research in the area of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s) and the direct correlation to humidity levels within the occupied spaces.


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Honors and Awards

Alan H. Deal, PE receives ASHRAE Detroit Chapter Distinguished Service Award for 2017 at Engineering Society of Detroit Gold Awards Banquet

On March 29th, 2017 Alan Deal and his wife Suzanne attended the Engineering Society of Detroit Gold Award Banquet where Alan was presented his Distinguished Service Award. ASHRAE Detroit President Brian Noonan presented Alan with his award in front of many past ESD award winners at the ceremony at Henry Ford Community College. ASHRAE Detroit members Filza Walters, Janice Means, Jim Newman, Kishor Khankari and Paul Prentice also attended the ceremony to honor Alan.

Alan Deal, PE is president of Performance Engineering Group, Inc. The company has been marketing hydronic radiant heating systems since 1964.  Alan joined the firm in 1987, the same year he became an ASHRAE member.  

Alan is very active in the Detroit Chapter of ASHRAE, with 9 years on the Board of Governors and he served as president in 2002-03. Alan has received many industry awards including multiple ASHRAE technology awards for energy conservation activities. Alan is currently serving the Detroit Chapter of ASHRAE as Chapter Historian and is keeping voluminous boxes of historical papers, photos and awards for the chapter. Alan, the Detroit Chapter thanks you for your many and continuing years of service to the chapter. Members like Alan help keep our chapter strong.


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Chapter Technology Transfer

ASHRAE’s 2016-2017 Technology Awards
Brad Herbeck – Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair
It’s never too early to start thinking about your submission for the ASHRAE Technology Award competition. For the past several years the Detroit Chapter has received multiple Regional and Society level awards for their entries--we want the legacy to continue.  You can be a part of this legacy by submitting a project.  All you have to do is be an ASHRAE member, have an innovative or energy efficient design, and fill out the application.  Note that this program is not limited to consulting engineers/firms only; contractors can also submit projects as long as they had a Professional Engineer on their team. There are more and more design build/assist projects around today so don’t be afraid to submit your projects!
The purpose of the ASHRAE Technology Awards is threefold:
  1. To recognize ASHRAE members who design and/or conceive innovative technological concepts that are proven through actual operating data.
  2. To communicate innovative systems design to other ASHRAE members.
  3. To highlight technological achievements of ASHRAE to others, including associated professionals and societies worldwide, as well as building and facility owners.
ASHRAE Technology Award applications are accepted in each of the following categories:
  1. Commercial Buildings (New and Existing)
  2. Institutional Buildings (New and Existing)
    • Educational Facilities
    • Other Institutional
  3. Health Care Facilities (New and Existing)
  4. Industrial Facilities or Processes (New and Existing)
  5. Public Assembly Facilities (New and Existing)
  6. Residential (New and Existing)
This year we want the Detroit Chapter in the winner’s circle again. Of course this competition also serves as a means for passing on of new technology to future engineers. If you have a design that you think is worth sharing…go ahead and submit it! 
The deadline for this year’s Chapter entries is April 25, 2017
Last Year’s Chapter AND Region V Technology Award Winners:
Institutional Buildings—Educational Facilities – New:
First Place: Oakland University Engineering Center (Rochester, MI)
By: George Karidis, ASHRAE Member
Detroit, MI (Detroit Chapter)
Institutional Buildings—Other Institutional Facilities – New:
First Place: University of Michigan, Institute for Social Research Addition
By: Brian Runde, ASHRAE Member Troy, MI (Detroit Chapter)
If you want more information the “Technology Award Program Overview, Requirements, Judging Criteria and Helpful Hints” are available on ASHRAE’s website at the following link:  https://www.ashrae.org/membership--conferences/honors--awards/technology-awards-program-overview or you can email me at Bradley.s.herbeck@jci.com with any questions you may have.

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