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President's Report

Let me first admit I am excited... not because I am turning over the presidency in just a few short months but because we have had an outstanding run of success this year. I am gratified because the plans that the board members and committee members of Detroit ASHRAE developed and strategized for the success of this year’s endeavors have come to fruition in a great way.  Their efforts have yielded outstanding results for the chapter. It is definitely through these efforts that we have seen an increase of more than 30% in our average meeting attendance. Our young engineers and student membership and participation have surged higher this year.  We have seen exciting events and opportunities for young engineers to both socialize with one another and meet their senior cohorts. Through the programming of the chapter and YEA committee, the young engineers have had extraordinary opportunities to connect, gain technical knowledge and even field experiences. These monumental strives for our chapter have been groundbreaking.

It's worth noting that the young engineers will follow us in the days ahead. They will continue to look to the senior membership in the chapter for support as they bridge gaps in their knowledge and as they transition into the ranks of ASHRAE. To that point I'm soliciting the continued support of the senior membership and past leaders of this great chapter to continue to reach out to those young engineers. As you see their new faces in monthly meetings make an acquaintance and make a lifetime mentee of these future leaders. This has already begun in a great way. I was very pleased to witness its benefits as I exited last month's meeting.  I noted one young engineer who had come to me at the start of the 2017 - 2018 year asking for direction and connection regarding ASHRAE’s involvement in sustainability. I promised her that if she kept coming she would learn more about ASHRAE and she would make the connection she was looking for.  At the close of the April meeting I was joyful inside as I witnessed her exchanging contacts with one of the chapter’s most passionate senior sustainability engineers.  To quote a favorite TV star of my childhood, Hannibal from the A Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Knowing great things were accomplished this year, I am also excited because I know my successor Pat Michels is already planning greater things to take the chapter to another level.   Pat has been an outstanding support to our chapter and his behind-the-scenes efforts such as the last few year’s golf outings, his work with chapter finances, and committee efforts have already contributed a great deal to the success and efficiency of our chapter operations. I have every confidence that he will take this chapter to higher places in our industry.

As we approach the last meeting of the year I am hopeful that the momentum that was carried into this new year will continue in the years ahead. I believe the future of our chapter depends upon how successfully we engage others.  We must continue to connect with those in our industry and in the world around us in a conversation about our designs and the benefits of conscientious designs. I sincerely hope that the relationships that have been built will continue to grow. I also hope you will take the time to mentor or be mentored and continue to encourage others to participate in ASHRAE as well. We will have only a few more times to see one another before the summer: Our final chapter meeting will be Tuesday, May 15th at ROAK Brewery in Royal Oak; then Monday, June 4th is our annual golf outing; and finally Wednesday, May 23rd in Lansing, Michigan for a Regional Day on the Hill.  We hope to see you there!

Your Detroit ASHRAE President,

Oscar Cobb

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