History of R.L. Deppmann Company

R. L. Deppmann
continues into our 82nd year

Raymond L. Deppmann who remained as president and majority stockholder until December 7, 1971 and continued to be active until 1974 founded the R.L. DEPPMANN COMPANY in 1927. From the inception of the Company, Ray insisted on 100% customer service and continual training for staff and customers.  The Company began as a distributor of damper motors for boilers in Detroit.  In 1929 Deppmann became the first stocking representative of Bell and Gossett pumps.  The Company grew to include Barber Colman Controls, which after World War 2, was the largest line RLD represented.  The Grand Rapids branch was started in 1945 and the Saginaw office was opened in 1956. The Cleveland branch was added in 2001. 

In 1971 ten key employees purchased the Company.  The officers at that time were: Zaven Margossian, Arthur Turner, Robert Whymer, and Andrew Sturgeon. Ray voluntarily stopped representing Barber Colman in the 1960's. This new generation of management concentrated on Bell and Gossett hydronic specialties and pumps as the flagship line.  During the time from 1971 to 1991, these gentlemen shaped the Company into the large and trusted hydronic representative.

In 1991, the third management team was elected to move the Company into the future.  Product lines such as Dristeem, Laars, and Aerco were added. 

R.L. Deppmann Company is 100% employee owned and the current officers are, Norman E. Hall serving as President, Bob Van Goor as VP of Sales, Joe Smolinski, is Treasurer and VP of new product development, and Chris Lieder is Secretary.

Our team includes Bob Schmitt leading operations and finance, Chip Bidigare leading the Distribution segment, Jon Fischer leading New Construction segment, Dave Shugars leading Engineering/End User segment, and Dave Taptich leading the customer service.

We serve the industry using our core values of; To Teach, Go Beyond Requirements, and Integrity. Our goals include a broad range of training activities to help our customers make better decisions in their system designs.

Currently we have multiple employees involved at a chapter level leadership role in 3 local chapters and one member involved in a leadership role at a Society level. We are proud of our three LEED® AP engineers on staff and look forward to adding to this history in the future.