History of Bennett, Holland & Associates

Manufactures Representative since 1957

Mr. David Bennett, a Mechanical Engineer from Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, started his Engineering career as a control engineer for the Honeywell Corporation while located in the Detroit area.  In 1957 he left the Honeywell Company and started a manufactures representative business with Nicholas Gimpel and (1) one manufacturer, The Sterling Radiator Company.   Mr. Arch Farquhar joined Mr. Bennett & Mr. Gimpel and the company name was changed to Bennett-Farquhar in 1961 to better reflect the ownership and management team.  The firm grew larger and more profitable with the addition of the L J Wing Company, Airtherm & Raypak equipment product lines.  The 1960’s and 1970’s were successful for Bennett-Farquhar & Associates as they sold Sterling Radiator, L J Wing and the new products manufactured by the King Company.  David Bennett held various positions in the local Detroit ASHRAE Chapter and was the President of the Michigan Chapter during the 1975-76 calendar year.

Joseph Holland, a design engineer from Giffels Associates, joined David Bennett after Arch Farquhar left the company in 1981.  Joe became a partner in 1985 and the company name was changed to Bennett, Holland & Associates to reflect the new ownership.  Sterling Radiator and L J Wing were the main lines represented, but Industrial Air, King Air Curtains and Acme Engineering Products were added to the “line card”.  Joe Holland also served ASHRAE for many years and was the Detroit Chapter President, during the 1985-86 calendar year.

 The years following 2001 were full of changes as Penn/Barry purchased the Industrial Air Fan line, the King Air Curtain Co. was closed, and the Berner Air Curtain line was added.  The Sterling Radiator Company and the L J Wing Company remains the mainstay of the lines represented today with Berner Air Curtains and Acme Engineering Products following closely.   Bennett-Holland & Associates continues to provide support and sales assistance for their customers and their projects located on the eastern side of Lower Michigan.