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ASHRAE Detroit Chapter Meeting (Virtual Meeting)

September 15, 2020
12:00 PM to 1:15 PM
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Virtual Meeting


ASHRAE Detroit Chapter Meeting

(Virtual Meeting)


September 15, 2020

12:00 – 1:15 PM EST




The link to the virtual meeting can be found at the bottom. It will also be included in the registration page and the confirmation email once you have registered. A Microsoft account is required to join the meeting through Microsoft Teams. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the virtual meeting. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Duct System Acoustics

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Please join your ASHRAE counterparts for a 1 hour, Virtual – Lunch and Learn (via Microsoft Teams) with expert Patrick Brooks to help you better prepare and protect your facility while reopening amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Meeting Topic: Duct System Acoustics

Learn the fundamentals of sound as it pertains to duct system acoustics.  Attendees will learn about the source, path and receiver of sound, and what and how it can be treated.  They will also learn how sounds are combined, the difference between sound pressure and sound power, and why we measure sound in decibels.  We will discuss how the human ear hears sound in terms of amplitude and frequency.   How sound weightings are calculated (A – Weighting) will also be discussed as well as sound rating methods including NC and RC Curves.

The seminar will then focus on Duct System Acoustics.   We will teach how to estimate fan sound power levels and how sound is reduced from the fan to the outlet terminal.  Then we will talk about the various components of a duct system that attenuates the sound levels.  We will look at the difference between insertion loss and natural attenuation as well how duct liner affects the attenuation.  We will also look at other components with attenuation or insertion loss properties including elbows, sound power splits and end reflection.  Then we will discuss generated noise in system components and how to account for it.  And finally, we will look at room acoustics.


Speaker Biography:

Patrick Brooks

Senior Project Manager

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor's National Association

[email protected]

Mr. Brooks has over 35 years of direct experience including sales, engineering, and production management in the HVAC industry, specifically ductwork manufacturing. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from The Ohio State University, Pat was an industry leader in the factory-fabricated spiral duct market while working as a Director of Manufacturing for McGill Airflow and as a General Manager for Eastern Sheet Metal.   He has written static regain duct design programs which included an acoustical analysis. Pat is also a member of TC5.2, the ASHRAE committee for Duct Design and is currently chair of the subcommittee for ASHRAE’s Duct Design Guide.  He is the Technical Chair for SPIDA. His unique background has allowed him to help contractors, representatives, and engineers to understand duct systems and how they should be installed and operated.  He travels around the country with SMACNA’s Technical Service Department giving seminars on duct design, construction and installation. Pat lives in Cincinnati area with his wife of 40 years, Jill.  In addition to being a devoted husband, he is the proud father of a daughter and son who also have engineering degrees and is a grandfather of four beautiful grandchildren.


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We will carry out the Virtual Lunch and Learn using Microsoft Teams.  You can participate a number of ways.  First, you can click on the virtual meeting link which will take you to the screen below.  From there, you can download Microsoft Teams onto your device of choice prior to the event or bookmark the page and join the meeting by viewing on the web.  Most Microsoft Teams features are available on the web version so with either selection, the content and experience will be the same.  If you are downloading the software, we would advise that you do that a day in advance.  If you use the web, please log on 10-15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the tool. 


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