Affiliate Societies

ASHRAE is a Member of the ESD Affiliate Council - So What’s in it for ME?

By Jim Newman, CEM, LEED AP, OPMP, FESD, ASHRAE Representative to Affiliate Council

The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) has more than 6500 members and 86 organizations that are Affiliate Member of the ESD. These Affiliate Members comprise the ESD Affiliate Council (AC). The AC presents the prestigious Gold Award at its banquet in February, at which, as you will read elsewhere in this Newsletter, our own Gordon Holness will be the 40th recipient of this award. The AC also sponsors monthly meetings at which representatives of the member organizations talk about what they do – and some of these talks are fascinating.

For us, as members of an affiliated organization, the additional and related benefits are too many to list in this article since all the Member benefits of belonging to the ESD are available to the members of the AC. To mention just a few, there are

  • Discounted prices to ESD events as well as to many of the other Affiliated Society events
  • Group insurance plans - of all types
  • Job bank, see
  • Networking opportunities
  • Technology Century magazine at a discounted rate
  • Discounted business services of all types, including rooms for rent at a discounted price at the new ESD headquarters, which is applying for LEED® certification
  • Car rentals
  • And many more, see

One of the new ones I just took advantage of is called Premier Vault. It is a computer backup service similar to MOZY and others, with one big additional advantage. It lets you upload files that would be too large to send to most users to its site where they can then be viewed by those to whom you give access, similar to a FTP site, but easier. I just uploaded a 33MB file to it. I would have had to break this into 7 separate e-mails to send it to the industrial client for whom I made it.

The ESD is continuously looking for ways to improve it service to its members and to the members of the affiliated societies. It would be worth your while to check it out - it’s another benefit you receive by belonging to the Detroit ASHRAE chapter. Learn more about ESD and Affiliate Membership by visiting 

Visit the Detroit Regional Chapter of U.S. Green Building Council at