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The Women in ASHRAE (WiA) committee welcome you to join us for a night of painting pottery and meeting other women in ASHRAE! (Men are encouraged to come as well!) The cost to attend, food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) will be covered by ASHRAE. You will need to purchase the piece of pottery you select to paint.

Two dates are listed on the link, so please choose the one that you’d be interested in attending. We will provide a signup sheet with the date chosen. Please note that this event is limited to a max of 20 people.

Please reach out to Anisha Amatya or Lily Auguston with any questions!


YEA Information

YEA Leadership Weekend

  • YEA Leadership Weekend is an opportunity for future leaders of ASHRAE to develop soft skills and network with other young professionals.
    • Understand your own and other’s personalities
    • Develop leadership skills and tools
    • Explore team dynamics
    • Broaden and refine existing communication techniques
  • Objectives of leadership weekend are:
    • Leadership, networking, communication, and professional development
  • Leadership Weekends are held twice per year:
    • In the spring on the West Coast
    • In the fall on the East Coast


YEA Leadership International

  • We held the first YLI event in Colombo, Sri Lanka in the fall of 2012. Based on its success, the YEA Committee was approved to host this event every year. The event has since been held in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Goa (India), and Athens.
  • YLI has the same goals as YLW, which is to act as an opportunity for future leaders of ASHRAE to learn more about Society, develop soft skills and network with other young professionals.
  • Objectives of leadership weekend are:
    • Leadership, networking, communication, and professional development


YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0

  • Continuation of YLW and is designed to provide advanced training resources to YLW alumni
  • Limited to 15 attendees. Requirements:
    • Current ASHRAE member (do not still have to be a YEA member)
    • Previous YLW or YLI attendance
  • Ralph Kison (who leads the YLWs) returns as the event facilitator to expound on soft skills and personal/professional development strategies.
  • The inaugural event was held in May 2017 and sold out within 48 hours!



This Regional program allows for the development of future Regional leaders through their shadowing of current DRCs and support from the Region. LeaDRS would be a program that is run, funded, and administered by each Region in order to develop incoming or new Regional leadership. As a participant in this program, the DRC would select a participant from the Region to shadow the DRC at a Society Winter or Annual conference. The participant’s travel expense would be covered by the Region as an investment in the development of their future leadership. While not specifically required, it is the intention of this program to prepare new YEA members their upcoming duties and expectations as a Regional leader through direct interaction with the DRC.


More info is attached as well.  The YRC (currently myself) will send out the application in the months leading to a conference and the attendee will be selected by the DRC. 


Leadership U

This program is similar to LeaDRS, but is run by society and involves selecting 4 total members to follow 4 society vice presidents.  Applications can be found on the ASHRAE website and will also be sent out by me when it comes around.  There’s Leadership U information in the attached as well. 


HVAC Design Essentials Training

This program isn’t run by YEA or anything, but YEA does offer a scholarship.  Five scholarships are awarded about every six months to be used for any of the courses in a 6 month period.  This program is roughly monthly and is a 3-5 day course going over the HVAC Design Essentials.  More information can be found here:


Please contact Ryan Jankowski if you have any questions.  

Ryan S. Jankowski, PE, LEED® Green Associate™

Mechanical Engineer III

500 Griswold Street, Suite 1700
Detroit, MI 48226

 313.983.3600 d 313.442.8320
f 734.780.8691 


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